Falc is a moderation, economy, music and utility bot! It has a huge library of commands and a lot of moderation and utility too! Complete functionality with for you entire server!


Hey there! I am Falc! A bot made by GoldLion! Welcome to my documentation Thanks for adding me to your server! I appreciate your support! My default prefix is f!


It’s a perfect all-in-one bot for your Discord server, and more features are CONSTANTLY being added. Falc covers many features, such as:
Around-the-clock support Always online Minigames Moderation commands A full economy system Fun commands like jokes, memes, quotes, table flip and MANY MANY MORE! Utility commands like starting a giveaway, server info, user info etc Music Commands and even a Leveling system!
You can get support on our support Discord server and the dev team will respond usually within 1 hour.
Lets get started!
Last modified 7mo ago
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